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Achievements are awards given to players for completing certain objectives and targets within the Stronghold Kingdoms world.

Most of the achievements have 4 levels to them : ThumbIron / ThumbSilver / ThumbGold / ThumbDiamond.
There are exceptions which will have the following additional levels : ThumbDouble Diamond / ThumbTriple Diamond / ThumbSapphire.

The objective for the Achievement itself remains the same for each level, however the amount of effort taken to reach the next level increases each time. An honour bonus is also given for obtaining all levels (except Iron) of all Achievements.

Achievement rank Honour of sub-rank gained
Iron 0%
Silver 5%
Gold 10%
Diamond 20%
Double Diamond 25%
Triple Diamond 33.33%
Sapphire 50%
Timer green wiki note : Players can view their own Achievements by going to the Rank or Player Profile screen. Hovering over the achievement medal will display a tooltip with all relevant information to that Achievement including a brief description and current progress of the achievement.

All players can view other players' achievements by going to their Player Profile and clicking on the "Achievements" button.

Achievement Progress[ | ]


Achievement Progress

By Hovering over some Achievements it is possible to see your progress level and the requirements to get to the next level of the achievement.

List of Current Achievements[ | ]

Name Medal Description Name Medal Description
Ballista Crazy Ballista-crazy Fire ballistae bolts from your ballistae towers. Loyal Member Loyal-member Remain a member of a faction.
Banquet King Banquet-king Raise Honour from banqueting. Master Forager Master-forager Forage packets of goods.
Charity Charity Send other players packets of goods. Mighty Ruler Mighty-ruler Become Governor of a Province/Provinces.
Conqueror Conqueror Capture villages. Miser Miser Store a treasury of gold.
Death Trap Deathtrap Trigger killing pits within your castle. Officer Officer Become Steward of a Parish/Parishes.
Defensive Master Defensive-master Survive attacks by various army sizes. Peacebringer Peacebringer Interdict other players villages.
Diplomat Diplomat Influence capital elections. Protector Protector Kill wolves.
Fame Fame Reach high spots on any leaderboards. Ratty lost again! Ratty-lost-again Destroy The Rat's Castle/Castles.
Feel the Heat Feel-the-heat Pour oil pots within your castle. Skilled Ruler Skilled-ruler Place capital town buildings.
Fine Dining Fine-dining Hold banquets with differing banquet good types. Snake's Downfall Snakes-downfall Destroy The Snake's Castle/Castles.
Firestarter Firestarter Raze other villages. Squeal Piggy! Squal-piggy Destroy The Pig's Castle/Castles.
Flag Raider Flag-raider Capture flags for your parish. (With armies from your own villages!) Stockbroker Stockbroker Make gold from selling goods.
Genius Genius Research entire research tree branches. Team Player Team-player Donate packets of goods to the parish capital buildings.
Healer Healer Cure disease. Vandal Vandal Destroy buildings through ransacking villages.
High Office High-office Become Sheriff of a County/Counties. Vanquisher Vanquisher Kill enemy troops while defending your castle.
Horse Master Horse-master Scout resource stashes. Viking Viking Pillage packets of goods from other players.
Kings Kin Kings-kin Be a member of a controlling House. Warrior Warrior Kill enemy troops as an attacker.
Law Bringer Law-bringer Kill bandits. Weregild Weregild Destroy bandit camps.
Learned Scholar Learned-scholar Complete researches. Wolf Hunter Wolf-hunter Destroy Wolf Lairs.
Lightning Speed Lightning-speed Be the first to uncover resource stashes. Wolf Bane Wolf-bane Destroy The Wolf's Castle/Castles.
Lionheart Lionheart Become the King of a Country/Countries. Evil Lord PaladinCas Destroy Paladin's Castles.
Treasure Hunter TreasCas Salvage treasure chests from Treasure Castles.