Unit Main Archer
Type : Defensive + Offensive
Launch Unit : Yes
Rank Req : 6
Cost : 20 Material Gold
Materials : 100 Material Wood
Material Pitch
Material Iron
Material Stone

Archers are the only ranged units in Stronghold Kingdoms, and are therefore the backbone of every army. They fire arrows accurately and quickly, though they are very weak in melee combat.

Armies from around the world used archers for ranged combat. The archers would aim into the sky, or actually at their enemies if close enough, then unleash their arrows. In this way, archers did not always have to see their opponents, and could cut down the enemy from afar. Archers equipped with longbows were favoured for completing this task. Archers with shortbows, however, are what many medieval lords use as skirmishers.

In Stronghold Kingdoms, archers are the ultimate defence, and can be positioned on walls and towers to attack approaching enemy.



Archers on the ground have a range of 13 squares.

Archers in a great tower have a range of 28 squares.


Required to create Archers:

  • Rank: Villein (6)
  • Command: level 2
  • Long Bow: level 1 (research increases hit points, max 100%)

Required for equipment:

  • Weapon Making: level 1
  • Fletching: level 1


  • Clothing
    • Very light cloth.
  • Longbow
    • Added range on towers.
  • Quiver
    • Unlimited Arrows.