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Unitbox archers.jpgArcher.png
Unit Type
Army.png Offensive & Defensive
Rank Required
Rank06.png Villein (6)
Research Required
• level 1 - Military
• level 3 - Command
• level 1 - Long Bow
Gold Cost
Icon gold.PNG 20 each.
Resources Needed
Icon peasant.PNGIcon bows.PNG
Unit Space
People unitspace icon 03.png 1

Archers are ranged troops, and can be used to back up close-combat units by killing enemy troops from a distance; however, they have very little hand-to-hand combat strength themselves.

Using the Archer[]

Archers are essential defensive troops; they are particularly effective when attacking, you place them behind close-combat (hand-to-hand) troops.

In order to gain access to Archers, you must be at least Rank 6 (Villein), and have completed the required levels of research ( please see the sidebar to the right).


In order to turn peasants into archers, bows are required; these are created by the fletcher and stored in the armoury. It costs one bow and 20 gold for each archer.


Long Bow must be researched to give access to archers and increase their hit points, allowing them to survive more damage while attacking or defending.

TIP: It is a good idea to research Long Bow to its fullest; this will give you a very strong defence force in your castle, plus your archers will survive longer when attacking other players and the AI.


Certain cards may be played in order to provide a boost to your troops' capabilities or to the number of troops in your castle. Some of these cards are played instantly and are removed from your pack, while others remain in play for a defined amount of time. Please see the individual cards for more information.

TIP: Before using cards which instantly give more troops or peasants, please ensure you have sufficient unit spaces to accommodate them. These cards do not increase your maximum army allowance.

Card Name Description
Mercenaries Allows for the purchase of a small or medium band of archers
Basic discipline Allows troops to move faster across the map
Basic Logistics The next army sent moves faster across the map - this card must be played before sending an army
Basic recruitment Troops are cheaper to recruit
Villagers Peasants arrive in a village of your choosing - these may be turned into archers, providing you have the gold and the bows available