Armed Peasant
Unit Main Peasant
Type : Basic Offence
Launch Unit : Yes
Rank Req :
Cost : 3 Material Gold
Materials : Material Wood
Material Pitch
Material Iron
Material Stone

Armed Peasants are the most basic infantry unit in Stronghold Kingdoms. Although they have minimal requirements, Armed Peasants are only effective in large numbers and against weak opponents (and Wolf Lairs/Bandit Camps), making them the unit of choice for low-level players.


Armed Peasants are the most basic unit in the game. Available from the start (i.e., the research begins completed) and having minimal requirements (the only unit to not need any weaponry), they are useful in defeating early enemies, such as: Enemy Siege Camps, Wolf Camps and Bandit Camps. Ineffective against almost all other combatants, except archers at close range, large numbers are essential. Due to their weakness, they are usually replaced by either pikemen or swordsmen in later-game.



Conscription: increases hit points (max 100%).

Equipment Edit

  • Armaments
    • Pitch Fork
  • Clothing
    • Rags