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Banquets are held to generate Honour, which is used to improve a player's Rank in order to gain access to new features and skills.

To begin holding banquets, you must have reached rank 4, (Peasant), and researched Banqueting. This can be researched from the Industry tab of the research screen.

Once you are able to hold banquets, you will need banqeting goods (resources) to host them. To get the first available banqueting goods (venison), you will need to have also researched hunting, plus built at least one Hunter's Hut. Hunters' huts become available once Hunting Level 1 has been researched, and can be found by clicking on the crown icon in the buildings area to the right of the village screen. As soon as venison is stored the village hall, you can start to hold banquets by clicking on the Banqueting tab at the top of the village screen.

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TIP: As your rank increases, research higher levels of banqueting to hold larger and more impressive banquets. The larger the banquet, the more honour you will receive from it.

Resources Used For Banqueting[ | ]

Resource Symbol Building Required Building Image Research Required
Venison Venison Hunter's Hut Huntershut Hunting
Furniture Furiture Carpenter Carpentersworkshop Carpentry
Metalware Metalware Metalware Workshop Metalwareworkshop Metal Bashing
Clothes Clothing Tailor Tailors Tailoring
Wine Wine Vineyard Vineyard Wine Production
Salt Salt Salt Pan Saltpan Salt Working
Spices Spice Spice Dock Spicedock Spice Trade
Silk Silk Silk Dock Silkdock Silk Trade

The Banqueting Screen[ | ]

Banqueting screen

The Banqueting Screen

The top of the banqueting screen shows the goods which are available for banqueting. These are dependent upon completed Banqueting levels. The higher the research level, the more goods types are available for banquets, and the higher the honour multiplier. Please see the table below.

During a banquet, an equal amount of each good will be used - this is determined by the least amount of goods available. For example, the image to the right shows that the highest-level banquet (Impressive) will use 26 of each type because there are only 26 units of venison available (the venison being the least plentiful in this instance). The lowest-level banquet (modest) uses only five of each. As you can see, the numbers before the brackets add up to 34 - this is the total of the most plentiful goods (clothing and furniture).

Goods Types Multiplier Name of Banquet
1 x1 Humble
2 x4 Modest
3 x9 Fine
4 x16 Impressive
5 x35 Grand
6 x60 Magnificent
7 x98 Majestic
8 x160 Exquisite