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Overview[ | ]

The barracks screen is where troops are created, housed and disbanded. In addition, this is where you will find information about your troops' activities, such as reinforcing, attacking etc.


Barracks Overview

Unit Space[ | ]

Unit space is calculated by the total number of troops & units you have in your village. Each troop takes up one (1) unit space; however, other units (Monks, Traders and Scouts) take up more space. Each village may have a maximum of 500 unit space - this number includes troops and other units.

Spare unit space

Spare Unit Space

Troops[ | ]

Building troops requires gold, and for more advanced troops, weapons and armour.

Armed peasant Archer Pikeman Swordsman Catapult Captain
Armed Peasant Archer Pikeman Swordsman Catapult Captain

Displayed next to each type are the resources and gold required to produce each troop.



The figure above each troop type shows the current number already commissioned, and which are either in the barracks, reinforcing, attacking, returning, or stationed in the castle. This figure does not show troops which have been stationed at vassal villages.

To disband troops: Click on the figure above the troop, set the slider bar to the number of troops to be disbanded, and then press the Disband button to finish. Disbanding troops returns the peasants but not the gold or weapons required to commission them. Only troops which are in the barracks may be decommissioned/disbanded.

Below the troops types is a series of icons, which show the available resources for producing troops (peasants, weapons, armour).


Available Resources

To commission more troops: The buttons below each troop type show how many of each troop may be built (1, 5, or the maximum with the available resources). Click on one of these figures to build that number.

Resource Icons[ | ]

The icons shown in the barracks are:

Icon peasant Peasants
Icon gold Gold
Icon bows Bows
Icon armour Armour
Icon pikes Pikes
Icon swords Swords
Icon catapult Catapults

Troop Information[ | ]

The total number of troops for the current village is shown here.


Troop Information

  • In Barracks is the number of troops the player has created but not used yet. These troops are currently idle.
  • In Castle shows the numbers of defensive troops placed in and around the castle.
  • Attacking shows the number of all troops currently sent out attacking other players/AI/wolves/bandits. This includes both attacking and returning armies. Select the i icon at the far right to see more information.
  • Reinforcing shows the numbers of all troops currently reinforcing other villages. Select the i icon at the far right to see more information. In the Reinforcing screen, players are able to access to retrieve any troops that have been lost.

Retrieve Troops