Unit Main Catapult
Type : Offensive
Launch Unit : Yes
Rank Req : 15
Cost : 100 Material Gold
Materials : 100 Material Wood
Material Pitch
Material Iron
100 Material Stone

Catapults (also colloquially Cats) are the end-of-the-line mass range siege unit. The sheer destructive force from them is, by default, immense; research increases their firing rate, making them significantly more powerful. Catapults are essential for attacking heavily fortified castles, as they are the only unit capable of destroying Towers.

Although very powerful, catapults are costly and highly susceptible to attack, especially from Ballistae, Tunnellers, Knights and Archers, several of whom specifically target them before other troops. Additionally, catapults are automatically destroyed if all other units on the field are killed.




You need rank 15 and and command level 5 to start your research on catapults, which then allows you to build them.

It is the only unit whose damage can be increased with research -- by increments of 5% per point, compared with 10% hit points (or health points) for most other units per research point.


  • Offence
    • Heavy duty wooden range bombarding mechanisms.