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CoA examples

Examples of some 'Coat of Arms'

Coat of Arms is a unique image of a shield, designed by each player, to represent their user in game. The Coat of Arms is shown to all players in a game world in various areas of the game interface. Every player can edit their own Coat of Arms using the Coat of Arms Designer.

CoA designer

The Coat of Arms designer

Coat Of Arms Designer[ | ]

The user can edit their Coat of Arms at any time by clicking on the image of their own Coat of Arms in game (located in the top left corner of the game interface). The Coat of Arms designer will open in your default web browser.

Designing your Coat of Arms[ | ]

  1. First, pick a layer from the 'Layers' panel.
  2. Then choose a design from the options available beneath the layers panel (More options will become available as your gain experience in-game).
  3. Click on a design to select it, then change its colour(s) using the 'Colours' panel.
  4. Each layer contains different shield designs which can be combined to create your own unique Coat of Arms. You can place 1 'Subordinary', 1 'Ordinary', 1 'Field' and up to 8 'Charges' on a single shield.
  5. Click 'Preview' to see how your shield will appear in-game.
  6. Click 'Save' to commit any changes made since your last save.
  7. If you'd like to undo any changes made, click 'Undo Changes' t go back to your last saved version.
  8. The trash can button will remove everything from your shield, so that you can start again from scratch.

TIP: The Coat of Arms can be accessed in-game by clicking on it in most instances. Players can also access the Coat of Arms designer by logging in to

Keyboard Shortcuts[ | ]

The following keyboard shortcuts can help you design your shield:

  • Arrow keys: move selected charge
  • Ctrl+Arrow keys: rotate and scale selected charge
  • +/- : Increase/decrease the size of your currently selected charge
  • Enter: Place and deselect your current charge
  • Del: Remove the selected charge.
  • Ctrl+Z: Undo your last change
  • Ctrl+D: Duplicate the currently selected charge
  • Ctrl+S: Save your design

Viewing the Coat of Arms in-game[ | ]

Players can view their own and other players' Coat of Arms designs in-game in various areas of the user interface.

  • Player's view their own Coat of Arms every time they log in to the game client.
  • The player's Coat of Arms is always displayed in the top left of the games main user interface.
  • Hovering over a player's village in the World Map screen will display their Coat of Arms above all of their villages.
  • Capitals' Coat of Arms is always displayed above Capitals in the World Map screen.
  • The info panel on the right side of the UI for a player will display their Coat of Arms when clicking on their villages.
  • A player's info screen will show a large version of that player's Coat of Arms.

Capitals and AI's Coat of Arms[ | ]

All AI CoA

The Rat, The Snake, The Pig and The Wolf's Coat of Arms.

All Capitals display their Leader's Coat of Arms above their respective buildings on the World Map at all times.

The enemy AI castles all have their own individual Coat of Arms designs as well, which are displayed when hovering over their castles.

Unlocking new designs[ | ]

Currently players can unlock new designs for all different layers in their Coat of Arms by ranking up in-game. The number displayed on locked designs denotes the rank required to unlock these designs.

More designs, in particular those with a small Grail icon in the top corner, are also unlocked by completing Quests

Browser Support[ | ]

The Coat of Arms designer will work in all browsers, however Internet Explorer (IE6+) requires Chrome Frame to be installed. Using the Coat of Arms designer in Internet Explorer will prompt users to install Chrome Frame.

Timer green wiki note : Firefly will delete any Coat of Arms designs they deem to be offensive, as per the Game Rules.