Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki

Support can be contacted through the Ticket System.

Please see below for more information on how to do this .

Ticketing Support

Support can be contacted by submitting a ticket at:

If you are using a client you will need to click on the support button in the bottom of the launcher.

This will redirect you to a Support Account Creation page in your default browser. You will need to note email address and password as these are not linked to your account.

Contact Support

Please only use the ticketing system for:

  • Payment Issues
  • Reports of Cheating or Abuse
  • Card Problems
  • Login Issues
  • Major Gameplay bug
  • Sign Up Problems

If you are unable to access your account after resetting your password, log in to our ticket support, or create a Stronghold Kingdoms account, please contact us here.

Gameplay Help & Advice

One of the best places to go for gameplay advice is the official forum; this is where many players will be, some of them should be able to help with your enquiry. This forum is located at:

In Game Chat

The in-game chat system allows access to your Faction, House and Parish chat rooms; as well as a Global Chat room, which may be accessed by everyone in the game. If online, the support team will be accessible via the Global Chat room. If there is more than one issue which needs to be discussed, it is better to use the mail system to contact support (should a Ticket not be required). There is no PM (private message) function currently in the game.

Chat Button To access the chat feature, click on the small chat bubble icon found at the top right of your window.

Timer green wiki note : Please note the Global Chat-room has a language rule specific to the server your playing on. For example, when playing on the English Worlds, Global Chat is primarily English, Welt 1 is primarily German, so on and so forth. Moderators in these chat rooms are within their rights to ask anyone not adhering to the rules, to cease speaking in anything other than English.