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Achievements are awards given to players for completing certain objectives and targets within the Stronghold Kingdoms world.

Most of the achievements have 4 levels to them : ThumbIron / ThumbSilver / ThumbGold / ThumbDiamond.
There are exceptions which will have the following additional levels : ThumbDouble Diamond / ThumbTriple Diamond / ThumbSapphire.

The objective for the Achievement itself remains the same for each level, however the amount of effort taken to reach the next level increases each time. An honour bonus is also given for obtaining the Silver, Gold and Diamond levels of all Achievements.

Timer green wiki note : A Popup, similar to this Achievement Popup will be displayed when an achievement, or the next level of an achievement has been unlocked. Clicking on the achievement will take you to the achievement screen.

All players can view other players' achievements by going to their Player Profile and clicking on the "Achievements" button.