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Parish Capital‎

What is a parish capital?[ | ]

The primary role of the parish capital is to improve all the villages that exist in the parish. The parish capital also allows the steward to defend the capital or attack other parishes or enemy villages. All village owners within a parish can see the castle, town and army screens of that parish.

One village owner within the parish can be voted in to become a steward by other village owners, voting can be influenced by any player by sending in monks to adjust the voting. The steward that is in control of the capital, can send out armies, create capital defences, send out reinforcements and place buildings in the town screen.

A steward can send armies from the capital. The armies can be built at the village capital by the steward, if the necessary buildings have been built, or can be donated from player’s villages.

The parish capital's town allows the steward to place town buildings, some of these buildings can increase production for all villages in that parish. All villages within the parish can contribute to upgrading buildings.

Most parish town buildings require at least one flag to initially place them, so it is vitally important to retain your parish flags and indeed capture flags from other parish capitals!

Capital voting

Voting for the steward‎

How do I become the steward of the parish?[ | ]

To become a steward you must own a village within the parish and win the most votes in the parish election. You can only be elected as the steward of a parish if you are of the Rank 6 (Villein) or higher.

Army flag


Can a village attack a Parish Capital?[ | ]

Villages can attack a capital, but village owners cannot capture the parish capital by force. Attacking the parish capital allows the player to vandalise it or more importantly capture its flag. If the flag is captured then the flag will be taken back to the parish capital the village is based in.

Is there any other ways for my Parish capital to make gold?[ | ]

Yes, the Capital makes a small percentage of gold everytime goods are sold to the market from a village.

Can one capital attack another?[ | ]

As well as stealing the all important flag, attacks from another capital can steal gold from the parish capital's treasury.

Capital donate button

Donate button

Capital donate ui

Donate resources UI

What is a town and how do I use buildings?[ | ]

The town section within the parish capital allows buildings to be placed by the Steward. Some of these buildings increase production within all villages in the parish, some are military or castle buildings just for the parish, others increase popularity & honour multipliers and give access to additional defences within all villages in the parish.

To access the town click on the capital in the map screen (or use the pull down menu), click the village icon and then click on the house icon.

Buildings require gold before they can be placed. This is generated from taxes or by stealing from other capitals. Most buildings also require flags. Flags are generated automatically but can also be stolen from other capitals and are delivered to the capital they are based in. Buildings are not placed instantly and take a certain amount of time before they are available for use. The buildings do not have workers associated to them.

The town has limited space available to it. If you are a steward placing buildings wisely is recommended to maxmise the number of buildings that can be placed.

What are benefits of the town to my village?[ | ]

Whilst stewards can site a large range of buildings within a town capital, its the ordinary players within a parish that will donate resources towards the ones they wish to upgrade. The benefits of this are much like research and will include improved production, happiness and improvements to players castles depending on which buildings the steward has chosen to place in the capitals town.

To donate resources click on your parish capital in the map screen or use the pull down menu to find it. Select the town section and click on a building for example the Orchard Worker's Guild. You can see this is related to apples by the apple basket displayed on the sign.

When you click on the building, you will be shown the current level it has been upgraded to and a button to donate resources to the building.

To donate click on the dots next to each resource and move the slider bar for the amount you wish to send from your village, no market is required and this is an instant transfer. If the current resources are greater then what is currently displayed the extra resources will count towards the next upgrade.

Communication[ | ]

The parish capital has it's own wall where information is listed. The wall does two things. It allows players to write on the wall within the various sections. It also records various happenings in the parish and town. For example, when a player donates to a building within the town's capital this generosity is recorded.

The wall can be found by opening the capital and clicking on the ‘i’ symbol.

Donations are also shown when clicking on the town buildings themselves.

What do flags do?[ | ]

Flags allow buildings to be placed within the capital's town, flags fuel the initial placing of the majority of buildings.

A good defence is needed in order to keep the flag(s) from being stolen by other parishes.

Viewing the Parish Capital. Parish capital tab[ | ]

Clicking on the Parish Capital tab in the UI will bring you to the Parish Capital sub menu. If you have a village, not a capital, selected in the world map, you will be brought to that villages capital. From here you can view all the different parish capital screens including voting, wall, forum, town and castle. You can also switch between Parish Capitals using the drop-down menu in the top right or by selecting the shield icon above the parish capital.

Why can't I build troops in the capital?[ | ]

To build troops you need to place the appropriate building in the capital’s town screen. For instance the archery range, allows the creation of archers and the combat arena allows the creation of swordsmen. Also ensure, once the building has been created, parish villages donate to the building to level it up, to allow the creation of troops.

Sending troops to the Parish Capital[ | ]

Sending troops to the parish capital as reinforcements, allows the leader of the parish to send the troops out in an attack. Along with all the other troops other players have reinforced in the capital and any built directly in the capital.

When you send reinforcements to the capital, you are donating them and will be unable to get them back. They will be permanently stationed at capital.

What is the difference between the parish capital and other capital types?[ | ]

The difference between different capital types is that the buildable area increases so:-

Country capital is bigger than
Province is bigger than
County is bigger than
The parish capital

This will allow bigger capitals to choose and gain bigger benefits e.g. more barracks for a bigger army capacity or more supply depots for a faster army, etc.

How can I become the Sheriff of a county?[ | ]

A certain amount of parishes need to be open before the county parish becomes available, only someone at rank 16 and also a parish capital leader can become a Sheriff.

How many troops can I send to the capital?[ | ]

Initally villages can send a maximum of 25 troops to the capital. To allow for 25 more troops to be used for defending or attacking a barracks needs to placed in the capital's town.

Do I need a market to donate?[ | ]

No. A market is not required to donate resources to the buildings within the town.

Are there benefits to attacking AI from the capital?[ | ]

Yes, honour is distributed between all villages in the parish.