Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki

I'm worried about being attacked; how do I defend myself?[ | ]

The castle defences screen allows you to build a castle and place defensive troops.

Why can't I enclose my keep with castle walls?[ | ]



There must be a gap in the castle walls to allow access to and from the keep - this can be filled with a gatehouse. Building a gatehouse will allow access to your castle and enable you to enclose your keep. You can rotate the gatehouse using the mouse wheel or by pressing the space bar. Otherwise, it automatically orients itself when placed over a wall.

How do I gain access to better defences?[ | ]

Researching Castellation will upgrade your keep defences, while researching Defences allows access to new defensive buildings.

How does boiling oil work?[ | ]

034 oil pot

Boiling oil pots

To place boiling oil in your castle, you will need to build a smelter; this requires iron to build, and needs to be researched via Military, Defences. Each completed smelter allows five oil pots to be placed on the castle walls. Each of these pots require pitch. Smelters do not require troops to operate them.

How does the moat work?[ | ]

037 moat

Castle with moat

When in the Castle view screen, you can place moat tiles from the extra defences area of the defences box to the right of the screen. Moats cost 20 gold per tile to place. Left-click-and-drag to place large sections of moat at a time.

TIP: As with walls, you cannot completely surround your castle with a moat.

TIP: When enemy troops reach the moat, they will need to dig it up in order to pass.

Why can I only place 20 defensive troops?[ | ]

029 guard houses

Guard house

To increase the number of defensive troops, you need to build guard houses, after first researching Defences.

Guard houses allow 10 troops each, up to a total of 400 in each village castle, unless an Improved Guard Houses card is in play.

How do I remove defensive troops from my castle?[ | ]

030 send home

Send troops home.

Click on the troop you would like to remove, then click the blue send home button.

How do I select multiple troops?[ | ]

Either hold down the left mouse button until the crosshair appears, or hold down CTRL, to drag a selection box over the troops.

What are reinforcements?[ | ]

You can send reinforcements to other villages in order to help defend them. Reinforcements, however, still count towards your maximum defensive troops limit. Any reinforcement units stationed in your castle will be automatically upgraded to their player's military research levels.

What does the Castellation research do?[ | ]

It increases the rate at which the keep fires arrows at attackers. At the highest level of Castellation, the keep is a formidable weapon.