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How do Glory Rounds Work[ | ]

Worlds will Start in the First Age First age icon.

Players can join a Factions and subsequently a which can become Houses and Compete in the Glory Race, as part of the Age.

After a House reaches 2 million points, they earn a star, and the House(s) with the least points are knocked out the race. They will not be disbanded but will be removed from the race.

When there is only one House left, the server progresses to the next Age. Some of the new ages will come with changes to the way the game is played. Some Ages will come with an increase in the amount of glory required to end the race.

The Links for the Ages can be found here: Age 2 Second age icon, Age 3Third age icon, Age 4Fourth age icon

Does the game reset?[ | ]

No, the server remains open and progresses through the Ages. There are a few changes such as: stock exchanges are cleared, votes reset, the amount of glory needed to complete the race is increased.

Does the map reset?[ | ]

The map will remain as it was, all Houses are disbanded and the accumulated glory will be reset, as well as all voting in parishes and the prices at stock exchanges will be cleared.

Do I lose everything and research too?[ | ]

When a Glory Round has been completed and the World has transitioned to the next Age, You keep all your research, villages, castles etc.