Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki

What are Houses and Factions?[ | ]

Top UI tab factions

There are 20 Houses in the World. Each House is made up of a number of factions, with a maximum of 12 factions to a House. This increases to 20 when a world enters its Second Age. A Faction is a group of players who join together to work towards common goals.

How do I join a House with three or more Factions?[ | ]

In this instance, the existing Factions within the House must vote whether your Faction may join. To be accepted, a Faction needs a majority, plus at least three (3) votes. Factions must have five (5) members before they can join a House.

How do I create a Faction?[ | ]

In order to create a faction, you must be at least the rank of Page (rank 14).

How do I invite other people to my Faction?[ | ]

While in the current Faction window, type the name of the person you wish to invite into the Faction and then click the Invite User button.

How do I join a Faction?[ | ]

To join a faction, you must be a Bondsman (rank 7) or higher, and invited by one of the officers of the faction.

Why are some names in the Faction screen in red?[ | ]

The players in red have been invited to your Faction but have not accepted the request yet.

Is it possible to see if other players are online?[ | ]

Yes, as long as they are in your Faction. In the current Faction screen, a green circle next to a player's name means they are currently online.

What are Officers and Generals?[ | ]

A General, indicated by three chevrons next to their name, is the person who is in charge of a Faction; they can invite, dismiss and promote members to Officers. Generals can also vote for someone else if they wish to remove themselves from power.

Officers, indicated by one chevron next to their name, can invite new members to a Faction and vote on the leadership of the Faction.

Our Faction cannot vote out the current leader.[ | ]

To vote out the current leader, three Faction Officers must vote against the current leader. The Leader is any Faction officer that has a majority vote amongst all Faction officers and the current Leader.

What is the maximum amount of Factions for the House?[ | ]

Each House may contain a maximum of 12 factions. This increases to 20 when a World enters it's Second Age

How many players does a Faction need before it can join a House?[ | ]

A Faction requires five (5) players before it can join a House.

Can the leader of a House dismiss Factions?[ | ]

Yes, House leaders may remove Factions which have less than five (5) members remaining.

What happens to existing Glory points if a Faction defects?[ | ]

All Glory points amassed are earned by the House. A House cannot lose Glory points at any time. If a Faction leaves a House all Glory points massed by that Faction remain property of the House.