Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki

There are no premium accounts in Stronghold Kingdoms. An account with a Premium Token in play on a game world is playing in Premium Mode on that game world.

What is premium mode?[ | ]

Premium mode can be activated by buying a premium token, which enables the player to access additional features when the token is in play. Some of these features are accessed when the player logs out of the game.


Buying Premium Tokens

How much does a premium token cost?[ | ]

Premium tokens are purchased using Firefly Crowns. A seven (7) 7day token day premium token costs 30 Firefly Crowns, while a thirty (30) 30day token day token costs 100 Firefly Crowns.

Premium Tokens can be stacked to extend period of the premium token. When tokens are stacked the token will turn blue blue and the timer will update to reflect the new time depending on the tokens stacked.

Purchasing premium tokens[ | ]

A premium token is purchased by clicking on the Get Premium Tokens option within the cards screen, and then by choosing the type of token you wish to purchase (7 or 30 days). After purchasing the premium token, you must then activate it by clicking on it. Premium tokens which have not yet been activated are available for use in all Worlds. Once a Premium token has been put into play, it is only in play on that World, not across all of them. During the Tutorial, players are awarded a unique two (2) day premium token.

Advantages of premium tokens while logged in[ | ]

Building Queue
This allows up to five (5) buildings to be queued for construction within a village. Without a premium token in play, only one building may be constructed at a time. Buildings in the build queue display a number above the remaining build time, indicating its place in the build queue. Rolling over a building with your mouse cursor will shown the amount of time until all buildings (up to and including the one currently selected) will be completed.

Move Buildings
You may reposition all buildings, except the Hall, within your village, in order to maximize specific resource and goods production. Optimising your village layout is essential as you progress through the game, unlocking more technologies and building types.

Research Queue
This allows up to five (5) researches to be queued in the research screen.

Villages Overview
The Villages Overview page shows players with a Premium Token in play essential information about all of their owned villages from 4 simple screens.

Advantages of premium tokens while logged out[ | ]

When exiting the game with a premium token in play, you will have a number of options for the game to automate when logged out. These functions will activate once every two (2) to four (4) hours during the time you're not logged into Stronghold Kingdoms™.

Auto Trading
This allows the trade of one type of good to the market of the parish capital in which your village is located. Setting the slider to 0% means you wish to keep none of that type, so as much as possible will be traded at the stock exchange. Setting the slider to 100% means you wish keep all of it. You can select the type of good you wish to trade from the drop-down list.

Auto Scouting
This will send out all available scouts to stashes within the village's parish.

Auto Attacking
This will send out attacks with all available troops in your barracks (not those stationed within the castle) to your chosen target type (e.g. Wolves, Bandit Camps, etc.) located within each village's parish.

Auto Recruiting
This option allows you to choose which troops you wish to recruit automatically. Provided that there are unemployed peasants in the village, available weapons, and free unit space, new troops will be made. If you select multiple units types to be recruited, the last selected type will be the preferred type to recruit.