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Edit avatar[ | ]

Kingdoms settings

Settings menu

Whenever a player clicks on your name in the leaderboard or on one of your villages, an image is displayed of your Lord or Lady. This is known as your avatar and can be edited in various ways from Settings\Edit avatar.

Rename current village[ | ]

Here you can edit the name of your current village. The maximum length of your village name is 32 characters.

Convert current village[ | ]

Convert village option

Converting village menu

This option allows you to change the current village to a new type. Converting a village removes all its buildings, although you keep your castle, research, gold and faith points. Once the stockpile is replaced, all previous resources it contained will be present.

If you capture a village, you must wait two (2) days before you can convert it.

Abandon current village[ | ]

At any time, providing there are no incoming attacks, you may abandon any village you own. Once abandoned, you will lose control of that village and everything in it; however, you keep your rank, research and gold. You may only abandon one (1) village per week.

If it is your only village, you will be given a new village in the same way as when you started the game. If you have more than one (1) village, you will not get another one automatically; another village will have to be bought or captured.

Chat[ | ]

Live chat is available for the game, from Settings\Chat. The chat screen is also available in the parish/county capitals screen. There are separate chat rooms for every faction, house, and parish, as well as global chat for the entire game world.

Offensive language[ | ]

The profanity filter filters out profane and offensive language from all areas of the game including Mail, Chat, Parish Walls etc.

For more information, please see Options & Settings.