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Cards Tutorial

What are Strategy Cards?[ | ]

Strategy cards are modifiers which can be put into play for a certain period of time, or sometimes for an instant effect. For example, the woodsmanship card adds a small increase to your wood output over a period of time. Cards are divided into five (6) strengths; Silver, Gold, Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond and Sapphire.

Players can search for specific cards in the their inventory by using the Card Search Bar, which can be found in the top right corner of the Inventory Screen.

Card search

Card Search Bar

Milk maids card

Milk maids card

Card tooltip

Card tooltip

How long do strategy cards last?[ | ]

The time varies, depending on the type played. Some cards have an instant effect.

How does Manage Cards work?[ | ]

To earn card points, players can trade in cards they have previously bought with Firefly crowns. To trade in, the player needs to trade in five (5) cards as a set, which automatically grants them 25 card points. Bonus card points may be added if the player is lucky when trading, and gets three (3) or more identical symbols for their set. Different symbols award different numbers of card points (please see Strategy Cards for more details).

The player can then use their card points to buy individual cards in the Get Cards screen. Cards in this screen are all priced differently and may be selected individually. If a single card is selected for purchase with Card Points, players will be presented with a Play Card Immediately Checkbox,if this is checked the button text changes to Get and Play Card, which will play the purchased card instantly. If a player has insufficient Card Points, the button will will automatically take them to the Cash In screen.

Get and play

Get and Play Card

What do the numbers and symbols on the card mean?[ | ]

  • If a number is displayed in the top left corner of the card, this is how many of that card you have. If no number is displayed, you only have one of that card.
  • The number in the bottom right corner of the card is the minimum rank required to play it.
  • The symbol in the top right corner shows the strength of the card. The higher the strength of the card, the more beneficial it is to the player. For example, a Small Cheese Haul, a silver-strength card, gives the player a small amount of cheese, whereas a Big Cheese Haul is a diamond-strength card and rewards the player with a much larger amount of cheese, which is added to the granary.

Cards which are meant to increase speed of my traders/scouts/armies don't work?[ | ]

Cards which increase the speed of units or armies on the world map, such as Basic Logistics or Basic Stables, must be played before sending out the units/armies.

Cards disappear when they are played[ | ]

Unlike other cards, instant cards (purple in colour) do not display a timer when played. They are played instantly and add resources to the relevant building. In the case of Instant Building cards, they are used when the next building of that type is placed in the village.

My ale haul card doesn't do anything?[ | ]

In order to use this card, you must have an inn in your village. If you already have an inn, ensure it is not full before you play the card.

Quick-Play Card Bar[ | ]

Quick-Play Bar
The Quick-Play Cards Bar allows players to activate strategy cards at any time with a single click. The Card Bar will appear in all areas of the Game, where player may need or want to play cards quickly.