Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki

How do I tax my peasants?[ | ]

Tax rate

Tax rate

Click on the popularity panel to show the tax rate controls.

Clicking the minus (-) button will bribe your peasants. This means you will lose gold, but gain a much higher popularity increase.

Clicking the plus (+) button will tax the peasants. This increases your overall gold intake but will detract from your popularity.

How can I tax peasants but still be popular?[ | ]

Taxes are not popular with your peasants but may be offset by raising rations and placing entertainment buildings.

Apart from tax how else can I earn gold?[ | ]

Market icon


You can also earn gold by trading goods in the market.

How do I get a market?[ | ]

041 traders


You must hold the rank of Villein (6) and research Merchant Guilds (in the Education tab of the research tree), which will allow you to place a market building in your village. Markets allow you to send goods to other villages and trade with parish capitals.

You will also need to create merchants in the units screen ( click on the scout icon); you will need a free peasant, 10 unit spaces, and gold available.

Can I place more than one market?[ | ]

Yes. Placing extra markets in your village(s) will increase the amount of goods you can buy and sell.

How do I trade with a parish capital?[ | ]

011 parish trade

Select market

013 stock exchange

Stock exchange

Select the parish capital and on the market button. Select the goods and amounts you wish to trade, then click the buy/sell buttons to finalise the trade.


Why am I unable to trade with a market outside my parish?[ | ]

You must research Commerce before you can trade with markets outside your parish.

Why aren't my merchants moving any faster after research?[ | ]

If you finish the research after your merchants have started moving across the world map, the research will not affect them.