Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki
World Map Tutorial

How do I see the game world map?[ | ]

Tab map Click on the World Map icon.

How do I zoom the map in and out?[ | ]

To zoom in and out of the map, you can either scroll the mouse wheel, or click the left (in) or right (out) mouse buttons.

How do I locate my village on the world map?[ | ]

Yourvillage Your village is indicated by your Coat of Arms above it. To quickly get back to your village, click on one of the arrows in the top right village select panel. Clicking on your village name on the grey toolbar at the top of the screen will also open a drop-down list of your villages, plus any capitals that you can view.

Village name dropdown

Selecting Village and Capitals[ | ]

SelectionProcess Village To Parish First, click the Coat of Arms above a village or capital that you own to select it, then click on another village to be able to interact with it by...
  • sending resources
  • attacking
  • reinforcing
  • scouting

TIP: These options change, depending on whether you have a village or capital selected.

TIP: Certain ranks may be required for some tasks you wish to perform.

How is the map split up?[ | ]

The map is split into the following areas, starting with the smallest first.

Map Area Example Capital Leader's Title
Parish Wigston Wigston Steward
County Leicestershire Leicester Sheriff
Province East Midlands Mansfield Governor
Country England London King