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The tutorial didn't give me Card Points[ | ]

There has been some confusion regarding the section of the tutorial which requires you to purchase a Small Wood Haul card using card points.

To clear up this confusion, here is how to purchase the Small Wood Haul card with the card points you have been given:

Choose cards

First go to any cards screen and click on the Choose Cards button in the top right, shown here on the left...

Now follow these three (3) screens...

1. In the Choose Cards screen, notice the +7 card points in brackets (highlighted in red in screen A). This indicates you have seven (7) card points, which can only be used for the tutorial. These must be used to buy the required Small Wood Haul card. To buy the card, click the Get Cards button (highlighted in blue in screen A).

2. The only card available to buy is the Small Wood Haul card. Click on it to select (highlighted in green in screen B).

3. Once the card is selected, it will be shown at the top of the screen (highlighted in red in screen C). Click on Click here to confirm purchase! button to buy the card (highlighted in blue in screen C).

Cardpoints tutorial 1

screen A

Cardpoints tutorial 2

screen B

Cardpoints tutorial 3

screen C

Once this is done, you can continue with the tutorial.

TIP: Please wait until the purchase is complete - it may take a few seconds.