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Faction Overview
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A faction is a collection of players which can band together under the same banner for a common cause. Each faction has its own faction forum available to its members. A faction can contain up to 40 people but must contain at least 5 members to be able to join a House. Each faction must contain at least 1 player of Page rank or above or it will be automatically disbanded. View faction options by selecting the banner icon in the top right of the game UI.

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Top UI tab factions
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Une faction est un ensemble de joueurs qui peuvent se regrouper sous la même bannière pour une cause commune. Chaque faction dispose de son propre forum de faction accessible à ses membres. Une faction peut contenir jusqu'à 40 personnes mais doit contenir au moins 5 membres pour pouvoir rejoindre une « Maison ». Chaque faction doit contenir au moins 1 joueur de rang Page ou supérieur, sinon elle sera automatiquement dissoute. Affichez les options de faction en sélectionnant l'icône de bannière en haut à droite de l'interface utilisateur du jeu.

Creating/Joining a Faction[ | ]

To create a faction, you must be of Rank 14 (Page) or above. In order to join a faction, you must be at least Rank 7 (Bondsman).

Any player that loses all their villages will be removed from the faction after 72 hours.

Faction member map

Faction member

Faction Membership[ | ]

Faction Membership is shown as either Open, Closed or Full. When you click on an Open Faction you will be shown the option to apply to join a faction by clicking on ‘Apply To Join’. This option will not be available if the faction is Closed. The General or Officers will then decide whether to Accept or Decline your application.

Setting Faction Membership[ | ]

Click on the Officers tab to choose ‘Accepting’ to set the faction as Open allowing players to apply to join or ‘Not Accepting’ to set the Faction as Closed and stopping players from applying to join. When a Faction is Closed the General or Officers can still invite players to join. Also players can be invited when a Faction is full but players in Faction must be removed to make enough room.

Faction Command Structure[ | ]

The command structure of a faction is as follows:

General – This is the leader of a faction; the leader can invite, dismiss, vote, promote members to officers, and set faction relationships. They can also join a house and vote in the house membership and leadership elections. There can only be 1 general in a faction.

Officers – Are the second-in-command in a faction; they can invite and dismiss members, and vote in the leadership of the faction. Factions can have up to a maximum of 5 Officers.

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Faction Voting[ | ]

Faction Leadership is voted on by all faction officers and the Leader with the Leader being the candidate with the majority vote. To change Leadership, all votes need to be re-cast to show a majority vote for the new candidate. To vote on Faction leadership, go to the Factions and Houses tab and then the Officers screen where each officer will have an available checkbox under Leadership vote..

Faction Allies & Enemies[ | ]

To set faction allies and enemies, select a faction from the leaderboard or by going to the faction icon, selecting the relevant house and then the faction. Here the General of the faction can set other factions as allies or enemies. This is purely visual, allowing other players of your faction to view enemies and allies on the world map view.

Use the filter in the world map view to switch between Show House Symbols and Show Faction Symbols. With both turned on, house relations will always be displayed rather than faction relations. For example, if a player is an ally of your faction but enemy of your house, they will be shown as an enemy on the World Map.

House Overview[ | ]

There are 20 houses in the Stronghold Kingdoms™ world; each house is made up of a maximum of 12 (5 in era worlds) factions. Houses are groups of factions banding together under the same banner. Other house members are shown by the colour surrounding their village on the map screen. Houses also compete for Glory points by holding key positions such as Capital Leaders throughout the game world.

Joining a House[ | ]

To join a House a faction must have 5 members minimum. The first 6 (3 in era worlds) factions to join a house may do so without having to be voted in. Later factions can apply one once they have at least 5 members. Applying to a house is done by clicking on the far right shield in the interface panel, clicking on the house tab, then finally clicking on Apply. If the house already contains 6 (3 in era worlds) factions, the current faction generals must vote on whether the applying faction can join or not. Any faction whose membership drops below five (5) members can be removed from the house by the House Marshall (happens automatically in era worlds).

House Membership Vote[ | ]

Voting is done by clicking on the faction icon, then the house tab, and finally, the membership vote section.

To be accepted, the prospective faction needs a majority and at least three votes. For example, if there are already 10 factions in the house, the prospective faction must have at least 6 votes. To be accepted into a house with only 6 factions, the prospective faction would need all 6 votes.

House Leadership Vote[ | ]

To vote for the Marshall of the house, click on the faction icon, then the house tab, and finally the leadership vote section.

Proclamations[ | ]

A Proclamation can be sent to all Officers once a day by the Marshall of the house. In order to send a proclamation a player needs to become the Marshall of the House. Once being made the Marshall through votes, they will be able to send a Proclamation to all House Officers.

To send a Proclamation, the Marshall needs to go to the House tab, select their House and then click the "Send Proclamation" button at the bottom of the screen.

This message acts as a kind of notice but cannot be replied to by the Officers that receive them.

House Flags[ | ]

Each house in the game has a set flag. This allows players to be easily identified on the Leaderboard, and identify each house individually on the Glory leaderboard.

House flag 001 House flag 002 link=‎ link=‎ link=‎
House 1 House 2 House 3 House 4 House 5
House flag 006 link=‎ link=‎ House flag 009 link=‎
House 6 House 7 House 8 House 9 House 10
link=‎ link=‎ House flag 013 House flag 014 link=‎
House 11 House 12 House 13 House 14 House 15
House flag 016 link=‎ link=‎ House flag 019 link=‎
House 16 House 17 House 18 House 19 House 20

Leaving a House/Faction[ | ]

Players can leave their faction at any time via the Factions screen by pressing the Leave Faction button. Faction leaders can leave their current House at any time by going to the House screen, selecting their own house symbol and clicking the Leave House button.