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Firefly Crowns can purchased in game to be used for buying packs of strategy cards and premium tokens. Firefly Crowns are purchased using real currency and can be aquired in several ways.

Buy crowns

Buy Crowns

Purchasing Firefly Crowns[ | ]

Firefly Crowns can be bought at any cards screen by clicking on the Buy Crowns icon and using a credit or debit card directly, through PayPal or via Moneybookers and Direct eBanking. Mobile payments can be made via Zong, MoPay SMS or MoPay Call.

Timer green wiki note : It is possible to purchase crowns for a specific account via the [Stronghold Kingdoms] website. You will need to enter your account information and log into be able to purchase crowns.

It is important to note that:

  • Credit card transactions are handled by PayPal However, a PayPal account is not required in order to carry out the transaction. (but may incur a surcharge)
Timer green wiki note : Firefly Crowns are bound to a user account and as such can be used in all Game Worlds.

Direct eBanking

Alternative Payment[ | ]

If you are unable to purchase crowns with a credit or debit card there are alternative payment methods like Paysafecard = and other methods via Xsolla =
You can find these in the other payments option on the Page]

It is also possible to purchase Crowns via Amazon Gift Cards =

Gifting Crowns[ | ]

Crown gifting 1

When purchasing crowns in Stronghold Kingdoms, users can now choose to gift them to another player in the game. To gift crowns to another player, select the check box next to the gift icon when purchasing crowns.

Timer green wiki note : You will be able to gift crowns to other players after you buy a total of 600 Crowns and have made two purchases in two separate months. Currently, gifting crowns to other users can only be done when paying by Credit Card or PayPal.

When selecting to purchase crowns as a gift, users are shown various stats, as with the image above. These are

  • This order is a gift to - The username of the user which the crowns are being purchased as a gift for.
  • Your gift level: - This determines how many crowns users are able to purchase as gifts for other players per calendar month.
  • Remaining allowance: - This shows how many more crowns can be purchased as gifts for other players this calendar month.

Hovering over "Your gift level" will show more information, including...

Crown gifting 2
  • Next level: - This is the next gift level and how many crowns a user can purchase as gifts after reaching that level.
  • Months active: - This shows how many calendar months the user has made a purchase of crowns in. To advance, a user must make at least one purchase in the required number of different calendar months.
  • Crowns to next level: - This shows how many crowns a user must purchase (not necessarily as gifts) to reach the next gift level.

Any crowns purchased as gifts will appear in users' Crowns Purchased of their Account Details.

Users that have received Crowns as a gift are informed when logging into the game client. Users are given the option to Accept or Decline the gift. Declined gifts will return a number of Crowns to the user who purchased them.

Pricing[ | ]

Crowns can be purchased in the following amounts and for the following prices. We currently accept payment in Euros, Pounds Sterling (GBP), and US Dollars (USD). Once a country is selected, payment will be made in the relevant currency.

Number of Crowns Euros US Dollars UK Pounds
60 €3.56 $4.99 £3.22
120 €5.71 $7.99 £5.15
240 €10.71 $14.99 £9.67
525 €21.42 $29.99 £19.35
900 €35.71 $49.99 £32.24
1500 €57.14 $79.99 £51.60

Timer green wiki note : Purchasing crowns using a different currency to the above may incur a currency conversion surcharge (please see PayPal's website or your specific bank(s) for more details.)

SMS & Phone Payment[ | ]

Firefly Crowns can also be bought via SMS from the Buy Crowns screen. The price and amount of crowns per purchase vary from region to region, depending on the currency used and local network tariffs. We accept SMS payments for regions that use the following currencies.

Pounds Sterling GBP Euro EUR † US Dollars USD
Albanian Lek LEK Australian Dollars AUD Azerbaijani Manat AZN
Belarusian Ruble BYR Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark BAM Bulgarian Lev BGN
Canadian Dollars CAD Costa Rican colón CRC Czech Koruna CZK
Danish Krone DKK Hong Kong HKD Hungarian Forint HUF
Kazakhstani Tenge KZT Latvian Lat LVL Lithuanian Litas LTL
Malaysian Ringgit MYR Mexican Peso MXN New Zealand Dollar NZD
Norwegian Krone NOK Polish Zloty PLN Russian Ruble RUB
Singapore Dollar SGD South African Rand ZAR Swedish Krona SEK
Swiss Frank CHF Turkish Lira TRY Ukranian Hryvnia UAH

Timer green wiki note : † - We currently support the following countries from the Euro zone - Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain

To purchase Firefly Crowns via SMS, go to the Buy Crowns screen, select your region and "SMS. Pay by SMS". Enter your mobile phone number to receive a purchase code, then enter the code back into the site to confirm the payment.

Unfortunately, we are restricted by network operator requirements and charges, which differ from country to country. In some regions, we are not able to offer some payment options, although we would like to. SMS payment offers an alternative payment method for players without credit/debit cards or access to Paypal & Moneybookers. We will continue to evaluate other payment systems for those of you who are still without a suitable payment option, and we will keep players informed of any updates to the system.

Terms of Use[ | ]

The Stronghold Kingdoms Terms of use has vital information regarding Firefly Crowns. Be sure to examine these, especially Section 11 - Ownership/Selling of the Account or Virtual Items and Purchase of Virtual Items to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings regarding your purchased Firefly Crowns.