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Glory is a system in Stronghold Kingdoms whereby players collect points for their Factions & House by holding key positions throughout the game world (please see the table below).

Glory points are collected by elected Capital leaders for their Faction & House. The amount of Glory points amassed by every member of a House contributes to the overall Glory points total for that House. The first House to 1 million points in each round wins the round and receives a star for their House banner. If more than one house has over a million glory points when Glory is calculated, the house with the most points will win the round. This is only calculated once per day and any points earned beyond one million are not carried over to the next round. The two houses with the least number of glory points at the end of each round are declared the losers of the Glory round. Once only 6 Houses remain, only one House will lose the round rather than 2. Any house that loses a Glory round but has a Glory victory star will lose one victory star. A House is removed from the Glory race if they lose a round and have no Glory victory stars left. This means that they will be unable to generate any Glory points and will no longer appear on the Glory screen, but they will remain in the game.

TIP: These Houses are not eliminated from the game itself but are prevented from taking part in subsequent Glory rounds until the current Glory game comes to an end. Members of eliminated Houses may, of course, apply for entry into remaining Houses.

Timer green wiki note : The Glory points for each day are calculated and any Glory round will end between 0600 and 0700 Server time. If more than one House has a million points, the House with the most Glory points at this time are deemed the winner.

Timer green wiki note : The number of Glory points needed to win a round is more than one million on some game worlds and in certain Ages. The amount needed to win the round is indicated in the top left corner of the Glory leaderboard.

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Glory mockup

Glory Leaderboard

Points Calculation[ | ]

Glory points are collected by House members elected as Capital leaders. The number of points are calculated as follows:

Leader Position Points per Day
Parish Steward 4
County Sheriff 200
Province Governor 750
Country King 1500

In The Second Age the amount of glory gained per day is changed as follows:

Leader Position Points per Day
Parish Steward 8
County Sheriff 400
Province Governor 1500
Country King 3000

In The Third Age the amount of glory gained per day is changed as follows:

Leader Position Points per Day
Parish Steward 20
County Sheriff 1000
Province Governor 3750
Country King 7500

In The Third Age a House needs four million points to win the round.

On the Europe and Global Conflict worlds, due to the large number of countries and provinces, the base points are calculated as follows:

Leader Position Points per Day
Parish Steward 4
County Sheriff 100
Province Governor 250
Country King 500

Quests[ | ]

Players can also win Glory points for their House by completing Quests. These are given as an optional reward when some of the higher end Quests are completed so long as the player is a member of a House.

If a player chooses the glory points for his or her house as a Quests reward, a confirmation message will appear in the Quests screen (A). The player and the officers of his/her house will receive a report, which will show the number of point received, if the Glory points are selected as the reward (B).

Glory point comfirmation

(a) If Glory is selected as a Quest reward.

Glory points report

(b)Report The Player and House officers recieve

Leaderboard[ | ]

Now when you click on the Factions menu icon (the yellow shield in the toolbar on the top right-hand side of the screen), the first screen you see is the Glory leaderboard. As Houses amass Glory points, their banners will be raised higher up the screen. The leading House's banner will remain in the centre, with the trailing factions displayed to its left and right.

TIP: Hovering your cursor over a banner will display the amount of Glory points for that House.

TIP: To return to the faction screen, simply click the factions/houses button to the right.