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Honour is one of the most important aspects of SHK. Honour allows you to rank up, which in turn gives you research points, and other benefits. Honour also allows you to attack other players. A player's total honour is displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

The overall honour per day for a village is displayed on the right-hand section within the crown panel of the village screen. Clicking on the crown opens up the honour information panel. This section displays a breakdown of which factors makeup the overall honour total. This can be affected by many factors; most importantly popularity.

Other factors are:

  • Churches - You can place a variety of churches in the village, and each type gives a different level of honour. Churches can be researched in the theology branch of the research tree.
  • Decoration - You can place a number of decorative buildings once you have started decoration research; they give a higher honour multiplier, the closer they are placed to the hall.
  • Justice - The closer you place justice buildings to the hall, the larger the honour bonus you will receive. Justice buildings can be found within the justice branch of the research tree.
  • Arts Research - This increases the multiplier when researching arts within the education tab of the research tree.
  • Parish Bonus - This bonus is increased by placing statues and gardens within the capital.
  • Cards - When in play, the basic culture card gives a bonus to your honour multiplier.

The multiplier is made up of all the factors above. The honour per day in a village is the total of the above factors, multiplied by your overall popularity figure.

Other ways to gain honour throughout the SHK world: