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The Military research tree allows players to increase their military capabilities, that is to field more troops, attack more quickly, develop their castle and upgrade their units. This branch is also where scouts can be upgraded in both number and speed. Furthermore, the Leadership research is fundamental for any Lord, since it increases the number of villages a player can own.

The Research ListEdit

Legend :

  • Blue = denotes single research trees that are not dependant on other buildings/research (however may require a specific rank)
  • Different coloured research trees are colour-coded to distinguish them from other research. Same colour research are considered "joined" and are linked in someway.

Icon lion20x20 Castellation Icon lion20x20 Information
Castellation • Requires no other buildings and/or research to create.
Level 1 : Level 1 Keep.
Level 2 : Level 2 Keep.
Level 3 : Level 3 Keep.
Level 4 : Level 4 Keep.
Level 5 : Level 5 Keep.
Level 6 : Level 6 Keep.
Level 7 : Level 7 Keep.
Level 8 : Level 8 Keep.
Level 9: Level 9 Keep.
Level 10: Level 10 Keep