Obtaining Money (Gold)Edit

Money in Stronghold Kingdoms is called gold. Getting it is sourced largely in collecting taxes in some form. The most obvious source of taxes are the ones from your village(s); however, taxing your village(s) can be a balancing act.

While increasing taxes can give you more income, this will decrease popularity with your peasants. This will in turn decrease how favourable you are with your peasants and decrease honour gain. This lack of popularity can in turn be counter acted by doing things like increasing rations, but this of course requires research and/or resources to do without running out of food.

Another source of money is by selling resources to your parish capital. In order to do this you need to first research and build a merchant guild. The price resources fetch per unit are dependent on demand and difficulty to obtain them. Building a market can be quite expensive however, especially early on. Some other problems with doing this is that merchants move quite slow when not upgraded--so travel could take some time; you can only have one merchant without doing more research; and that a merchant doesn't carry very much of a resource initially. Despite this, if a parish capital is demanding some types of resources, this can be a fairly profitable endevour.

Keeping MoneyEdit