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Settings[ | ]

Under settings, various check boxes are displayed to toggle different options on or off throughout the game.

  • Settings
    • Profanity Filter - The profanity filter filters out profane and offensive language from all areas of the game including Mail, Chat, Parish Walls etc.
    • Tooltips - Choosing this option will show helpful tooltips over different areas of the game interface when hovering over them with the mouse cursor. This helps to identify different sections and icons within Stronghold Kingdoms™.
    • Instant Tooltips - Normally tooltips appear after a short delay but they can be displayed instantly if this option is selected.
    • Confirm Playing Cards - With this option checked you will get a popup asking you to confirm that you wish to play a card after you select the card, when it is not checked the card is played immediately.
    • Buy Multiple Card Packs - This option allows you to purchase multiple card packs with crowns, without it selected you purchase each pack singularly.
    • Open Multiple Card Packs - This option allows you to open multiple card packs at the same time. Note, if you do this only the first 5 cards will be displayed, the rest will appear in your all cards folder immediately.
    • Flash Taskbar Icon When Attacked - When activated, this feature will make the Taskbar icon will flash when incoming attacks are detected.
  • Advanced Options
    • View Village IDs - Turn this option on to view the Village ID in front of all village names. Village IDs are displayed in square brackets (eg; [65402]).
    • View Capital IDs - Turn this option on to view the Capital ID in front of all capital names. Capital IDs are displayed in square brackets.
    • Debug Info - This displays info used for debugging when contacting Stronghold Kingdoms Support.

  • Audio Visual
    • Music - Selecting this option means music will play in the game.
    • Music Volume - Allows adjustment of music volume.
    • Sound FX - Selecting this option means Sound FX will play in the game.
    • Sound FX Volume - Allows adjustment of Sound FX volume.
    • Ambient Sounds - Selecting this option means environmental sounds will play in the game.
    • Ambient Sounds Volume - Allows adjustment of environmental sounds volume.
    • Graphics Compatibility Mode - Graphics compatibility mode for Intel graphics cards. Try turning on this option if you experienced graphic issues with the game, such as borders missing on the map screen.
  • Languages

This gives a list of the Community Language packs currently available and a link to download them. Please note that Firefly takes no responsibility for the contents or accuracy of Community Translations.


Player Avatar

Edit Avatar[ | ]

Whenever a player clicks on your name in the Leaderboard or views your Player Profile, an image is displayed of your Lord or Lady. This is known as your avatar, and can be edited in various ways from Settings\Edit avatar or from within the Player Profile. You can also assign random characteristic to your Avatar by clicking on the Random Avatar Button Random Avatar Button in the profile screen.

The gender of your Avatar also determines the gender of your rank.

Village Options[ | ]

Rename Current Village[ | ]

To change the name of your village as it is displayed to all players throughout the game, go to this option. The maximum length of a village name is 32 characters and must not contain any profanities. Firefly will rename any village names they deem offensive, this may lead to a ban from the game if players consistently try to use offensive words.

Convert Current Village[ | ]

You can convert your village to a different type at any time, except in the case of a captured village, which cannot be converted for the first two (2) days after it is captured. Converting the village type destroys all buildings within the village, so that it needs to be re-built; however, all castle structures, villagers, troops & units remain. All goods, weapons, food and ale in storage will remain and reappear once that storage building is rebuilt. Once a village has been converted, it cannot be converted again for one (1) week.

Abandon Current Village[ | ]

At any time, providing there are no incoming attacks, you may abandon any village you own. Once abandoned, you will lose control of that village and everything in it; however, you keep your rank, research and gold. You may only abandon one (1) village per week.

If it is your only village, you will be given a new village in the same way as when you started the game. If you have more than one (1) village, you will not get another one automatically; another village will have to be bought or captured.

Help[ | ]

The Help menu has useful links for Stronghold Kingdoms players, most of which will open in the default web browser.

  • Stronghold Kingdoms Help - This brings the player to the Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki.
  • Game Rules - These are the official Stronghold Kingdoms Game Rules.
  • Terms & Conditions - These are the official Stronghold Kingdoms Terms & Conditions.
  • Privacy Policy - This is the official Stronghold Kingdoms Privacy Policy.
  • Forum - The Official Stronghold Kingdoms forums are a great place to discuss and get help with other Stronghold Kingdoms players.
  • Show Admin Message - Display the current Stronghold Kingdoms Admin Message
  • Resume Tutorial - If you have quit the tutorial before completing it, you can continue from the point which you quit by clicking this button.
  • Player Guide - Open the Player Guide for a list of useful links to different areas of the game.
  • About Stronghold Kingdoms - Display the official copyright information regarding Stronghold Kingdoms.

Log Out[ | ]

Log out of the Stronghold Kingdoms™ client.