Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki

In Stronghold Kingdoms the term packets refers to a set number of goods which make up a packet.

The following Values which are shown on the left side of the goods in the trading screen have an equivalent value of One (1) packet. These values are varying because the rate of production of these is also varying.

The number of packets is shown when donating good to capital buildings.

Resources Symbol Amount
Wood Wood 1000
Stone Stone 1000
Iron Iron 200
Pitch Pitch 200
Food Symbol Amount
Apples Apples 500
Cheese Cheese 500
Meat Meat 500
Bread Bread 500
Vegetables Veg 500
Fish Fish 500
Ale Ale 200
Weapons Symbol Amount
Bows Bows 5
Pikes Pikes 5
Armour Armour 5
Swords Swords 5
Catapult Catapults 1
Banqueting Symbol Amount
Venison Venison 50
Furniture Furiture 50
Metalware Metalware 50
Clothes Clothing 50
Wine Wine 20
Salt Salt 20
Spices Spice 20
Silk Silk 20