Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki

Popularity is one of the determining factors in how fast peasants arrive/leave your village. It is also is a major factor in how much passive honour a village will produce per day.

Popularity is displayed on the right side of the screen in the village user interface. The number displayed at the top shows the overall popularity; this represents the total of the numbers listed below it. The higher the total, the faster peasants arrive, providing there is space in a hovel for them.

Pop vill Depending on various factors, the total popularity figure can go up or down. These factors are:
R popularity panel icon taxes over The tax rate allows you to adjust whether you give your peasants gold (bribe) or take it from them (tax). To bribe your peasants, you need to have the gold available to give to them. Bribing peasants will improve the overall popularity, while taxing makes you more unpopular and lowers the overall popularity. The more peasants you have working in your village, the more gold you will gain from taxes - the same is also true for the amount you will have to pay out for bribes.
R popularity panel icon rations over Food Rations allow you to set peasants' food ration levels, up to a maximum of x4. Doing this improves the overall popularity figure, which in turn, is also affected by number of different food types that are eaten - the more food types, the higher the popularity. However, the more peasants you have in a village, the more food you will need to produce.

Popularity from food rations is as follows:

Popularity through Rations x¼ x1 x2 x3 x4
With one (1) type of food -20 -10 5 15 25 40
With two (2) types of food -14 -4 11 21 31 46
With three (3) types of food -8 2 17 27 37 52
With four (4) types of food 0 10 25 35 45 60
With five (5) types of food 10 20 35 45 55 70
With six (6) types of food 20 30 45 55 65 80
R popularity panel icon ale over Ale rations, are much like food rations; increasing the amount of ale drunk per day increases the modifier. This in turn affects the overall popularity of the village

The more peasants you have, the more ale will be required to sustain ration levels. Ale is produced at the Brewery and stored in the Inn.

Popularity from ale rations is as follows:

Popularity through Rations x1 x2 x3 x4
Ale 6 12 18 24
R popularity panel icon housing over Housing Capacity is affected by the amount of free space you have in your hovels. The more space you have available, the higher your popularity bonus will be, there is also a maximum limit on this equal to the number of peasants in your village. This figure can also give a negative multiplier if there is a lack of space for peasants already in your village.
R popularity panel icon buildings over Buildings modifier is affected by the amount of Entertainment (up to +6 popularity based on proximity to the Village Hall) and Justice (always -5 popularity regardless of placement) Buildings.
R popularity panel events illustration beginner Events can have a big effect on your peasants' happiness. They can be either positive (up to +30 popularity) or negative (up to -30 popularity).