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Quests are tasks that are undertaken by players in which they achieve certain targets in order to attain different rewards for completing those targets. Some Quests, but not all, appear multiple times but the targets and reward increase with each level.

Quests are started by individual players whenever they see fit and remain active until they are either completed or abandoned by the player.

Note: Abandoning a Quest will lose any progress that was achieved while the quest was active. Restarting the Quest will do so from scratch.

Quests screen

Quests screen

Top UI tab quests

Interface[ | ]

Quests can be viewed, activated and abandoned from the Grail icon on the top menu bar of the main Stronghold Kingdoms interface.

Not all Quests are available to players at once. Quests become available as the player ranks up and also when previous Quests are completed.

Players can view a Quests objectives and rewards by clicking on the Quest title. To activate a Quest, click on the green Tick icon. To abandon a Quest, whether the Quest is active or not, click on the red Cross icon. All abandoned quests can be restored by clicking the “Restore” button at the bottom of the list of available Quests. Players can view a list of all completed quests by clicking on the “Completed Quests” text.

Whenever a Quest is completed, the Grail icon will flash and the user will receive a report informing them that they have completed the Quest. The user can then redeem their reward.

Quest help

Quest Help Text

By clicking on the Text in the Objective players can access the Quest Help Text. This text will give players additional information about Quests and the requirements for completing them.

Timer green wiki note : The honour circle does not affect completing Quests.

Quest active

Active Quest

Quest completed

Completed Quest

Rewards[ | ]

Players are rewarded for completing all Quests in the game. The rewards vary for each Quest but can be one or more of the following:

Resources and food rewards require the player to select which village they would like to redeem the reward for.

Later Quests give the option between one of two rewards. The player decides which they would like to receive when redeeming the reward.

Timer green wiki note : Glory points require the player to be a member of a House in order to receive the reward. If the player is not a member of a House then the option of the Glory points reward will not be given.

If a player chooses the glory points for his or her house as a Quests reward, a confirmation message will appear in the Quests screen (A). The player and the officers of his/her house will receive a report, which will show the number of point received, if the Glory points are selected as the reward (B).

Glory point comfirmation

(a) If Glory is selected as a Quest reward.

Glory points report

(b)Report The Player and House officers recieve

If a there is not enough room to store all of the rewards from a Quest in your Granary or Stockpile, you will be presented with a confirmation screen.

List of Current Quests[ | ]

Name Icon Description Name Icon Description
Making Contact Q making contact Introduce yourself on the parish wall. Expanding Knowledge Q expanding knowledge Research Dairy Farming.
Healthy Rations Q healthy rations Build a Dairy Farm. Spread the Word Q spread the word Invite a friend to the game.
Gold Horde Q gold horde Raise an amount of Gold within 24 hours. Chainmail Q chainmail Introduce yourself to another player using the in-game mail.
Team player Q team player Donate packets of goods to a parish town building. Construction Crazy Q construction crazy Construct an amount of village buildings within 24 hours.
Scouts Q scouts Forage an amount of goods.. Master Forester Q master forester Construct woodcutter's huts.
Intelligence Gathering Q intelligence gathering Scout different Enemy AI. Cultured peasant Q cultured peasant Research Arts.
Master mason Q master mason Construct stone quarries. Wolf hunt Q wolf hunt Destroy Wolf Lairs.
Ride like the wind Q ride like the wind Uncover an amount of resource stashes within 24 hours. Deer hunter Q deer hunter Build a Hunter's Hut.
Gathering materials Q gathering materials Forage an amount of stockpile resources in 24 hours. Fabulous host Q fabulous host Hold a banquet.
Living off the land Q living off the land Forage an amount of food in 24 hours. Battle hardened Q battle hardened Kill an amount of enemy troops in 24 hours.
Resourceful Q resourceful Scout all 4 stockpile resources in 24 hours. Flourishing Trade Q flourishing trade Raise an amount of Gold through trade in 24 hours.
Feasting Q feasting Forage an amount of banquet goods in 24 hours. Rat Hunt Q rat hunt Destroy Rat's castles.
Law and Order Q law and order and justice Destroy Bandit Camps. Diplomat Q diplomat Stop consecutive attacks with Diplomacy.
Feasting Q feasting Forage an amount of banquet goods in 24 hours. Silence the wolves Q silence the wolves Destroy a number of Wolf Lairs in 24 hours.
Daring Raid Q daring raid Capture an amount of Parish Flags in 24 hours. Robber baron Q robber baron Pillage another player's castle.
Healing the sick Q healing the sick Remove an amount of disease in 24 hours. Exercise your right Q exercise your right Vote in a Parish election.
A Blessing Q a blessing Send a number of Blessings in 24 hours. Striking Fear Q striking fear Send a number of Inquisitons in 24 hours.
Gourmet Q gourmet Scout all 6 food types in 24 hours. Vandal Q vandal Ransack another player's castle.
Vipers nest Q vipers nest Destroy Snakes' Castles. Justice Q law and order and justice Destroy a number of bandit camps in 24 hours.
Supreme General Q supreme general Capture other player's castle(s). Roast Pork Q roast pork Destroy Pigs' Castles.
High table Q high table Scout all 8 banqueting goods in 24 hours. Wolf's Nemesis Q wolfs nemesis Destroy Wolfs' Castles.
Villain Villain Destroy Paladin Castles. Peacemaker Peacemaker Send hours of Interdict.
Redeemer Redeemer Send hours of Absolution. Persecutor Prosecuter Send hours of Excommunication