Research in Stronghold Kingdoms is one of the single, most important aspects of the game. Without Research you are going to literally get nowhere.

For research you need research points aquired in 3 ways - advancing in rank/subrank (1 rank/subrank = 3 research points), paying gold for it when each point cost more and more, or by playing rare research cards that give you one or more research points.

Research time - Time is needed for research, every next research cost more time - for example 56th research need 52 minutes and 20 seconds to do so (with mathematic on lvl 2 giving you 10% to speed of research)

Research provides the player with access to more buildings, greater upgrades to units and buildings. On top of opening up the ever controversal tree, Religion.

Research TreesEdit

Research Industry » Industry
Industry research includes :
• Faster material collection.
• Faster building speed variations.
• And much, much more...

Research Military » Military
Military research includes :
• Castle Defences.
• Army creation and upgrading.
• And much, much more...

Research Farming » Farming
Farming research includes :
• Faster food collection.
• Many new buildings.
• And much, much more...

Research Education » Education
Education research includes :
• Access to Religion.
• Faster collection of various point systems.
• And much, much more...