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Unitbox scoutsScout
Unit Type
Scout iconExplorative
Rank Required
Rank01Village Idiot (1)
Research Required
• level 1 - Military
• level 1 - Scouts
Gold Cost
Icon gold100 each
Resources Needed
Icon peasant1 peasant per unit
Unit Space
People unitspace icon 041

Scouts have several roles within the world. Their main purpose is to uncover and gather resources from stashes found on the World Map. They can also discover information about enemy castles and AI encampments; e.g. wolf lairs and bandit camps. Scouts may also be sent to other players' villages to receive a report showing that players' castle. The higher the number of scouts sent, the higher the chance of success.

TIP: Scouting resources is always successful, unless the stash is depleted by another player's scout before your scout gets there.

Before scouts can be created, players must first research scouts from the military tab of the research tree. Improved foraging capacity and speed may be increased by researching Foraging and Horsemanship respectively.

Stashes Tutorial

Pros[ | ]

  • Extra resource income.
  • Honour bonus for uncovering new stashes.
  • The ability to scout an Enemy Camp, Castle or player Village before sending an army.

Cons[ | ]

  • Sending out scouts requires more time to be spent in-game.

Stashes[ | ]

Scout stash Each parish has one or two resource stashes which appear in random spots within the parish. A new stash will not appear until the uncovered stashes in the parish have been fully plundered. Being the first to reveal stashes within your honour circle will get honour, based on the number of stashes previously found in the area. Once a stash is uncovered, the amount and type of resources within becomes visible to all players. Scouting stashes, even those outside of your honor circle, is a good way to obtain resources for your village that you are unable to produce.

(A) In order to scout a stash, on the world map, you must first click on the yellow shield above the village from which you wish to send the scouts, then click on the stash you wish to retrieve.
(B) You can also select the village to send scouts from via the top right-hand drop down menu.
(C) A small window will appear, allowing you choose the number of scouts to send, the time it will take them to get to the stash, and whether it will yield honour or not. If the stash has already been uncovered, a small icon will appear next to the go button, showing the contents of the stash.

Scout yellowshield

(a) click on your village to select

Scout dropdown

(b) the drop-down village selection button

Scout UI

(c) the scout window

Castle & Enemy Scouting[ | ]

Scouting Enemy castles (which includes player castles as well) is done in the exact same way as scouting a stash; the main difference however, is that there is a chance that some (or all) may not return. Success of scouting missions depends on the target's defensive strength and castle design.

The Interface[ | ]

Scout UI 2

click image to view a larger version

The scouts interface is relatively simple: after researching Scouts, click on the units screen icon (found in the village tab), indicated by the scout horse. It is here that you can create scouts, merchants and monks.

TIP: Scouts cost 100 gold, require one (1) peasant, and take up 1 unit space each. Further research may yield greater numbers, larger capacity and greater speed.

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