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Beta has begun!
Beta has begun, so get yourself signed up and playing. And enjoy the Wiki!
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Alpha 4 full...
With Alpha 4 in full swing, there are no more places on this phase of testing...
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Beta Registrations...
Alpha is the last closed test phase, to prep for Open Beta sign up over at...this site
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Alpha Invites...
All Alpha invites were sent out roughly 2-3 weeks ago, beta sometime 2010.
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Alpha 3 Stats...
Lots of freshly squeezed stats from the latest goings on at Firefly HQ. Read more...Here
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Alpha 3 Is Go!...
Alpha 3 launched today with an astounding amount of players flocking in within the first hour!
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Mass News Day!...
Pricing plans revealed!...Here. Trailer released!...Here. Strategy Cards Announced!...Here.
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Alpha 3 Approaches...
Posted on the Facebook page today, see more...Here
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Stronghold Collection Download...
Direct2Drive have got the Stronghold Collection, see more...Here

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Stronghold Kingdoms is a completely original MMORTS fusing the worlds of Real Time Strategy, Online gaming and Medieval warfare together. Created by Firefly Studios, the Stronghold series has flourished over the years, seeing a great change in the way we play RTS games. This is the next logical step in that long series, adding to an already legendary catalogue; the limlitless world of the Online Game.

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Developer : Firefly Studios
Publisher : TBC
Release Date : TBA 2010
Genre : MMORTS
Current Phase : Beta
Engine : Firefly's Own
Platform : Microsoft Windows
Type : Digital Download

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