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So old game and zero developement.[]

Like 20 honor for stash when everyone else making thousands of honor that is stupid. Also rebalanced merchant wasnt done since day 1 like why is taking 10 army pop basicaly another stupid thing and this is SHK a lot of no brain stuff. Even monks could cost less army pop. So sad... Premium account automatical features are like bad joke since you cant set anything usefull what you would really need. FP should be enought every day no matter what age it is to make ID for 8h so you could actually sleep. Not even template for village setup what is literally most annoying cancer i ever have seen. And i could keep going for hours like this... sadly whats the point... Just pay us more money and dont ask us anything to do we just want your money and you to be silent... best part is... imagine you gonna buy crowns to be able to buy card packs cuz this game is pay to win and you buy industry pack where is literally on picture wood stone and iron with text you get those to fill up your stockpile... what a surprise when in 20 packs opened there is 0 of stone etc.


plz tell me how come turkish sever i am wating