The Final Age

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Welcome to the Final Age![edit | edit source]

Final Age.png

The Final Age features five extra levels for Capital buildings, Royal Tower system, as well as a veteran only world.

The end is upon us, my liege! In this Age, there are new PvE features which allow players to terminate the world. This can be done only by a House Marshall.

All players are able to see the ‘End World’ Button, which is in the glory round screen and is unavailable until a House captures all the Royal Towers on the world map.

The road ahead will prove the ultimate test of your courage, character, and ingenuity! Please be aware of the changes that this final age brings with it:

Gameplay Changes[edit | edit source]

A new rule set is now in effect:

1. The Final Age begins with 150 Royal Towers on the map.

2. ‘The Button’ can be pressed by the Marshall of the House that controls all towers.

3. Pressing ‘The Button’ ends the world, determining which players claim each reward tier!

4. The Glory Race has no end and Houses are no longer eliminated.

5. The first House to win the Round and gains a star.

6. After each Glory Round, towers respawn and tower control is reset.

7. Each Round brings the number of towers down by 10, with a minimum of 20.

8. A new Royal Towers tab has been added to the Glory screen.

9. Capital guilds can now be upgraded an additional five levels.

10. No new players may join this game world. Only those who previously had a village on this world may enter it.

Royal Loot Prizes[edit | edit source]

At the end of the Final Age prizes ranging from gold to bronze will be distributed to members of houses meeting the following conditions:

Gold: Members of the House with the most stars at the time the world ends will receive the Gold prize pack.

Silver: Members of the second, third, fourth and fifth place houses will receive the Silver prize pack.

Bronze: Any players not receiving the Gold or Silver Prize who are ranked Prince and above who had at least one village on the world will receive the Bronze Prize.

Prize Contents[edit | edit source]


  1. Unique King Shield Charge
  2. 4000 Card Points
  3. 10 Research Packs
  4. 20 Ultimate Random Packs
  5. 30 Super Random Packs
  6. 40 Random Packs
  7. 3 30-Day Premium Tokens


  1. 3000 Card Points
  2. 5 Research Packs
  3. 10 Ultimate Random Packs
  4. 20 Super Random Packs
  5. 30 Random Packs
  6. 3 30-Day Premium Token


  1. 1000 Card Points
  2. 1 Ultimate Random Pack
  3. 2 Super Random Packs
  4. 3 Random Packs

Final Victory Ultimate Champion Prize[edit | edit source]

In addition to a Royal Loot Prize, members of the House which ends the world will receive the Final Victory Ultimate Champion Prize.

Final Victory Ultimate Champion Prize:

  1. Unique Grim Reaper Shield Charge
  2. 100 Expert Chivalry Cards
  3. 20 Research Packs