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Tourneys are limited time tournament-style contests in which all players of a given world compete in completing various activities in game (e.g. ‘Total Wolves Killed’). Players are automatically entered into a Tourney once they complete a Tourney objective.

Tourney Leaderboards[]

Tourney Leaderboard.gif

To ensure that players of all ranks have a chance to participate and win prizes, each Tourney has three separate leaderboards and players are assigned to a leaderboard based on their rank:

  • Commoners - These are players between the ranks Village Idiot (1) to Yeoman (11)
  • Gentry - These are players between the ranks Alderman (12) to Baron (17)
  • Nobility - These are players that are Viscount (18) and above

When a player ranks up during the course of a Tourney, they will automatically be moved to the appropriate tier (if applicable).

Note: The Tourney leaderboard does not update as often as the regular leaderboard, so there may be temporary discrepancies between player stats. Hence, it might take a while before a player appears on the Tourney leaderboards after entering the Tourney.


Within each leaderboard, players compete for one of three prize bands. The first two bands are based off the player’s position on the leaderboards. The third prize band is awarded to all players who fulfil a minimum requirement (e.g. kill at least 500 wolves). This requirement will vary between Tourney objectives.

To view the contents of each prize band, click the ? icon next to the prize band name in the Tourney window.

When a prize Tourneyprize.png is available, this icon will be displayed on the World Map. Prizes received and prizes claimed can also be seen in the reports screen.

Note - On the iOS , Android, Mac and Windows 10 Store Version of Stronghold Kingdoms™ the Prize will be shown in the top left corner of the screen by tapping the rewards button.

Past Tourneys[]

You can view the results of past Tourneys by clicking on the “Past Tourneys” button