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Trade Village

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Trading allows you to send goods to other villages, whether they are your own or other players'. Before you can trade however, you must first research Merchant Guilds (found in the Education tab of the research tree), after which you must place a market in your village, and recruit at least one merchant.

Trading may be done in one of two ways:

  • (1) In the World Map screen, with one of your villages selected, choose the village with which you wish to trade, and click send resources. This will take you into the trading screen, where you can select the good(s) you wish to send, and the amount. Once this is done, click send.
  • (2) The second way is to enter the trading screen within a village tab, and without selecting a trading partner, then click on the central drop-down list of parish capital market (below where it says stock exchange), select a market, and click find on map. The advantages of this method is that it allows you to find the best deals currently available.

TIP: Clicking on the pencil icon allows you to type in the exact number of goods you wish to trade.

TIP: When you have a premium Token in Play the Advanced Trade Options can be used to find the highest or low prices by searching the favourite markets and the parishes around you.

Stock Exchange[ | ]

Stock Exchange

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The stock exchange is a way for you to buy and sell goods for gold. As with trading, before you can access the stock exchange, you must first place a market and recruit at least one merchant.

All stock exchanges are found in capitals. Initially, you may only use the stock exchange in your own parish capital; however, by researching Commerce, this can be expanded to include all exchanges across the World Map.

To trade at the stock exchange: Select the village from which you wish to trade, then click on the parish capital you wish to trade with, then select market. This will take you into the stock exchange screen. From here you have the option of buying or selling goods.

Fan created market tutorial video - by shkdru

Both buying and selling may only be done in set packets. Different goods have different packet sizes (e.g. wood is traded in packets of 1000, while pitch is traded in packets of 200). The amount of gold made from a sale is calculated by the number of goods which are currently at the exchange; the more goods at the exchange, the lower the selling and buying prices are. The fewer goods, the higher the price. Therefore, trading at different stock exchanges might allow for a greater profit.

TIP: All goods start at 150 gold per packet and cannot go higher than that.

TIP: The buy price also has 25% added tax.

TIP: You can help your own parish capital to earn money by selling your goods at its stock exchange.

Timer green wiki note : Unlike with Combat; once sent, Merchants cannot be cancelled. This applies to both trading with capitals and other villages.