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Unit space is calculated by the total number of Troops and Units a player has in their village. All troops and scouts take up one (1) unit space. Monks each take 25 unit spaces, Merchants take up 10 unit space each. Each village has a maximum of 500 unit spaces, this is separate from the Command research which only affects numbers of troops allowed.

Each village can support a maximum of 500 units. Units are troops, scouts, traders and monks. Each type of unit occupies a different amount of unit space within the maximum of 500:

Unit Unit space taken up
Soldier, Catapult, Captain 1
Scout 1
Merchant 10
Monk 25

For example; with no scouts, traders or monks created, you could build the maximum army size of 500 troops. However, if you have created eight (8) scouts (8 unit spaces), plus 10 merchants (10 x 10 unit spaces = 100) in your village, you will have used 108 unit spaces, leaving only 392 unit spaces for any other units. This means your maximum army size would be 392 troops (unless you decide to have monks as well, in which case, you'd have even less unit space for troops).

TIP: Having vassals allows you to have multiples of 500 troops at your disposal. Please see Vassals & Liege Lords for more information.

TIP: Playing a Mercenaries card will allow you to temporarily exceed your maximum unit space, but not your maximum army size. If other units return to a village and there is no longer enough free unit space for them because a mercenary card has been played, they will be lost!