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Monks, Traders and Scouts can be created and disbanded while in the unit screen. All units require gold to build, as well as available peasants and unit space.

Units[ | ]

Unit merchant Unit monk Unit scout
Merchant Monk Scout

Icons[ | ]

Traders units screen


Three (3) icons are displayed on the Units screen:

Icon peasant Peasants
Icon gold Gold
People unitspace icon 01 Unit Space

Displayed next to each unit type is the unit space & gold required to produce each one. The button below each unit type is for commissioning more units. The peasant icon shows the number of available peasants for commissioning more units.

The number above the unit type shows the current number already commissioned in the village, followed by the total current number which may be commissioned (as determined by research, and in the case of merchants, the number of marketplaces in the village).

TIP: Click on this number to disband units that are in the village; set the slider bar to the number of units you wish to disband, then click the Disband button to finish.

TIP: Disbanding units returns the peasants and unit space but not the gold used to create them.

TIP: Only units which are currently in the village may be disbanded.

Unit Space[ | ]

Spare unit space units

Spare Unit Space

Unit space is calculated by the total number of troops and units a player has in their village. All armed troops take up one (1) unit space, (See Barracks here). Monks, traders and scouts, take up 25, 10, & 1 unit spaces respectively. The amount of unit space used by a each unit is displayed next to the unit type. Each village has a maximum of 500 unit spaces. Unit space is not the same as Command research which only effects your maximum army size.