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A good steward will attend to his parish, keeping it well maintained in both castle and village guilds. Taxing wisely and using those funds to keep the parish free of AI Castles or helping player(s) remove them. An exceptional Steward is one that greets and helps new players, as well as veterans, with aid and resources. The forum, particular to each parish, is a good way to keep players informed of which guild to target with donations. A list of guilds, which have attained maximum upgrade level and been deleted, should be placed in this forum so any future stewards may refer to it. Please note: This page is meant to guide players through an Age 1 Parish.

What guilds should I place first[ | ]

If the parish has no guilds, then the new steward must chose them wisely to give both the parish capital and players therein, the best chance to flourish and prosper. Guilds, depending on their level, give a bonus to all members within the parish. Below are the top ten guilds that should be considered first:

  1. Woodcutter's Guild (Increases all villages' wood production in the parish)
  2. Stone Quarry Guild (Increases all villages' stone production in the parish)
  3. Orchard Workers Guild (Gives an apple bonus to all villages in the parish)
  4. Architects Guild (Gives better Towers/Fortification for the parish castle)
  5. Archery Range (Increases hit points of the parish archers only)
  6. Fletcher's Guild (Increases bow production for all villages' in the parish)
  7. Sergeant-at-Arms Office (Gives the parish castle only, access to Defence Technology such as guard houses, smelters, moats etc.)
  8. Labourer's Billets (Speeds up the building process in the parish capital castle)
  9. Barracks (Increases troop limit within the parish capital castle)
  10. Castellan's House (Upgrades the Keep in the parish capital castle)

Upgrading should alternate between a guild purely for the parish such as the Barracks and a guild that benefits all players such as the Orchard Workers Guild. This will make for a more rounded parish.

Which buildings should not be deleted[ | ]

Buildings that do not need upgrading will, if deleted, no longer give a bonus to the parish and/or castle. These are:

  • Labourers' Billets
  • Supply Depot
  • Barracks
  • Statues

A Guild has reached Maximum Upgrade Level, Can I delete it[ | ]

If a guild or building has reached it's maximum upgrade level, you can delete it and still retain the bonus it gives the parish.

  • Remember, some guilds need to reach level 10.

NB: This only applies to a world in The First Age. When worlds enter The_Second_Age and The_Third_Age, deleting any guild or building in the parish will ensure all bonuses are lost.

What happens if I delete a building that is not at Maximum Upgrade Level[ | ]

To delete a guild or building that is not fully upgraded means it will retain its last fully upgraded level. Any donations to the next level will have been lost if the guild or building is replaced.

  • Deleting any building, whether constructed or in the construction queue, will not return the flags.
  • To rebuild the guild will cost the parish gold but no flags

I took over a Parish and do not know which guilds are at Maximum is there a way to tell[ | ]

There is no easy way to tell what guilds have been fully upgraded and deleted with the exception of the town garden, which along with the statues will show a parish bonus in your village: Look in the Popularity to Honour Information tab for this.

Below demonstrates the difference in a new guild placed, and one that has been deleted.

Figure 1 Shows that to place the selected guild will cost both gold and flags.

Figure 2 Shows the guild selected has been placed before, as it only requires gold and no flags.

Guild Not Fully Upgraded

Figure 1

Fully Upgraded Guild

Figure 2

  • The flag property states whether or not the guild has been placed.