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Wheel spins are rewards given for completing certain Quests in Stronghold Kingdoms. They can be used by a player at any time to win prizes to use in game.

Wheel screen

Quest Wheel screen

Wheel spin icon

Quest Wheel[ | ]

The Quest Wheel is used to win prizes after completing Quests. Any wheel spin rewards redeemed by players are saved up to be used by the player at any time. The Quest Wheel is accessed from the upper left corner of the World Map screen by clicking on the Wheel icon.

To spin the wheel, simply click on the Spin button on the Wheel screen. Wait for the wheel to land upon a prize and you will be rewarded with it.

The Quest Wheel has 5 levels, each with its own set of available prizes. The level of the Quest Wheel is based on the player's rank.

Wheel Level 1 2 3 4 5
Ranks 1-7 8-12 13-16 17-20 21-23

Prizes[ | ]

There are a number of available slots on the wheel which the spin can land upon. These relate to various prizes which include...

The player is instantly rewarded with whatever prize the wheel spin lands upon to use however they want.

How to claim Quest prize wheel spin[ | ]