Wolf Lairs appear as a small wolf head

The Wolf Lair is the weakest of the Enemy AI that spawn in the Parishes of Stronghold Kingdoms. Similar to the Bandit Camps, they do not attack any of the villages, but negatively affect the popularity of each village. They must be destroyed by player attacks in order for the popularity effect to disappear. The number of wolves present in each lair is randomised, but affected by the stage of the game.

Attacking, and Honour Gain - empirical test shows that the best tactic is using large numbers of archers and second line of any other troops who should be placed after archers.

honour gained (empiric experience) - for destroying a wolf lair alone: 50 honour, every wolf killed: 50 honour, for additional wolf present, but not killed: 20 honour, any of attacking troops died: -10 honour