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World Map Tutorial

The World Map is the main hub of the game world, from where almost everything in Stronghold Kingdoms™ can be accessed.

Village Icons[]

The village icon is affected by the buildings in your own village - with every 6 buildings you build in your village, the tier icon will increase:

VillageT0.png VillageT1.png VillageT2.png VillageT3.png VillageT4.png VillageT5.png VillageT6.png VillageT7.png VillageT8.png VillageT9.png
Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8 Tier 9
VillageT10.png VillageT11.png VillageT12.png VillageT13.png VillageT14.png VillageT15.png VillageT16.png VillageT17.png VillageT18.png VillageT19.png
Tier 10 Tier 11 Tier 12 Tier 13 Tier 14 Tier 15 Tier 16 Tier 17 Tier 18 Tier 19

World Map Icons[]

These are icons which can be found on the world map:

Name Symbol Description
Charter Charter.png Each charter on the map will allow you to purchase a new village. In order to take ownership of more than one village, you need to research the appropriate level of Leadership and own a captain per village.
A Village Village.png Each village you see on the map is controlled by a real person. The larger the icon, the larger the village.
Coat of Arms Small CoA.png Your Coat of Arms will always be visible above villages you own. Other players' Coat of Arms will appear above all that players' villages when one is hovered over with the mouse cursor. Capitals' Leaders' Coat of Arms will appear above Capitals at all times.
Stash Stash.png This is a stash which hasn't been uncovered yet. To retrieve its goods, you must send scouts. If the stash is within your village honour circle, you will receive honour for uncovering it, in addition to the goods it contains.
Uncovered Stash Stash uncovered.png This is an uncovered stash of fish; you can retrieve some or all of the fish by sending scouts.
Scout Map scout.png Your scouts icon.
Other Players' Scout Map scout red.png Other players' scout icon.
Merchant Trader.png Your merchant icon.
Other Players' Merchant Trader red.png Other players' merchant icon.
Army Army.png Your armies icon.
Other Players' Army Army red.png Other players' armies icon.
Reinforcement Army Army green.png Reinforcements icon.
Wolf Lair Wolf lair.png Wolf Lair icon; wolves can be destroyed by attacking them with your armies.
Destroyed Wolf Lair Wolf lair destroy.png Destroyed Wolf Lair icon.
Bandit Camp Bandit camp.png Bandit Camp icon; bandits can be destroyed by attacking them with your armies.
Destroyed Bandit Camp Bandit camp destroy.png Destroyed Bandit Camp icon.
AI Castle Ai castle.png AI Castle icon; enemy AI castles can be destroyed by attacking them with your armies.
Destroyed AI Castle Ai castle destroy.png Destroyed AI Castle icon.
Paladin Castle Paladin castle.png Paladin Castle icon; Paladin castles can be destroyed by attacking them with your armies.
Destroyed Paladin Castle Paladin castle destroy.png Destroyed Paladin Castle icon.
Treasure Castle Treasure castle.png Treasure Castle icon; Treasure castles will be destroyed when all chests in the castle have been claimed.
Destroyed Treasure Castle Treasure castle destroy.png Destroyed Treasure Castle icon.
Enemy Siege Camp Siege camp.png Enemy Siege icon; these cannot be attacked.
Monk Monk.png Your monks icon.
Other Players Monk Monk red.png Other players' monk icon.
Disease Disease.png This icon will appear above a parish capital which is infected with the plague.
Rat Rat.png Plague rats travel between capitals, spreading disease.
Captain Captain blue.png Your captain icon.
Other Players' Captain Captain red.png Other players' captain icon.
Flag Flag blue.png These indicate how many flags a capital has.
Stolen Flag Flag red.png A flag which is being stolen from a capital; these are attached to the side of the returning army icon.
Faction Member Faction member.png This icon appears above villages which belong to members of your faction.
Ally Faction/House Faction ally.png This icon appears above villages which belong to members of an allied faction.
Enemy Faction/House Enemy house faction.png This icon appears above villages which belong to members of an enemy house/faction.
Map Update Timer Timer green.png This indicates that the world map is being updated at the fastest rate.
Map Update Timer Timer orange.png This indicates that the world map is being updated at a slightly slower rate, and appears when Stronghold Kingdoms™ is not the active window.
Map Update Timer Timer red.png This indicates that the world map is being updated at the slowest rate, and appears when Stronghold Kingdoms™ has been idle for a period of time.

Seasonal Items

Name Symbol Description
Christmas Stash Presentbox.png A stash which holds a varying range of wheel spins and resources as a reward. If the stash is not cleared completely, the resource in the report will take its place on the world map.

Capital Icons[]

Parish County Province Country
Capital parish.png Capital county.png Capital province.png Capital country.png

Map Arrows[]

Arrow Description
Arrow yours.png Village arrow, indicates:

From Your selcted village
To The selected target

Arrow vassal.png Vassal arrow, indicates:

From The selected vassal village
To The liege lord for that village

Arrow liege.png Vassal, indicates:

From The liege lord's vassals
To The selected liege lord's village

Map Filtering[]

Map filtering icon.png The Map Filtering button allows players to filter specific icons on the World Map so that only what they are looking to see is visible. After pressing the Map Filtering button the filter buttons and check boxes are displayed on the right hand panel of the User Interface.

The buttons across the top of the filter are.

Map house.png Display only villages owned by members of the player's House.
Map faction.png Display only villages owned by members of the player's Faction.
Trader.png Display only Merchants and Traders.
Map scout.png Display only Foraging Scouts and Stashes.
Army.png Display only attacking armies.
AIFilter.png Display only attackable wolf camps, bandits and AI castles..

There are also check box options for the following:

  • Always Show Your Villages
  • Show House Symbols
  • Show Faction Symbols

Map filtering search.png The search button allows players to search for all villages on the World Map by Village name or Village ID. Please note: To search by Village ID, "Display Village IDs" must be turned on in Settings.

Map filtering reset.png Click the reset filter button to remove all filters and return to the default World Map view.