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Worlds in Stronghold Kingdoms™ refer to the different servers that host the different instances of the Stronghold Kingdoms™ game. Each world has a World Map which differs between the different language worlds available. Players can be active in any and all Worlds simultaneously though may only be logged into one World at any one time.

All worlds play independently of the other Stronghold Kingdoms™ worlds and, as such, all game features (except players' Coat of Arms) exist separately from World to World. Any Crowns, Strategy Cards, Card Points, Premium Tokens and Card Packs purchased by players will be available within all Worlds. Once played, Premium Tokens and Strategy Cards will only affect the World within which they are played.

Select world

Select World screen.

Joining A World[ | ]

After logging into Stronghold Kingdoms™, players can join any of the game Worlds by clicking on the Select World button and then joining a World. Different language Worlds are available from clicking on the respective flag at the top of the Select World screen. Checking the Always show worlds you are playing will display all Worlds previously joined at the top of the list, irrespective of the language of the game world.

Each regular game world goes through seven unique Eras which bring exciting gameplay challenges to test players‘ skills! Ultimately, the fate of the world is up to you! In the Final Era, players will get to decide if they will continue the game world or end it and collect the fabulous prizes.

Closed1 Worlds will end after "The Button" has been pressed and become permanently closed. These Worlds will be removed from the world list 30 days after they have been closed.

Special Worlds[ | ]

  • RotwflFlag en The Rise of the Wolf, modeled on a map of Great Britain and Ireland .Closed1
    • Rise of the Wolf - The Rise of the Wolf, a special game world featuring classic Stronghold characters, improved AI and PvE (player-versus-environment) gameplay, started on March 6, 2015 and was closed on the 5th of April 2017.

    • Return of the Wolf - Resist invasion at the hands of Duc Volpe and conquer this world in which you will have to survive 10 rounds of brutal PvE combat with new prizes and gameplay tweaks.Active1

  • IslandwFlag en Island Warfare, modelled on a map of The Phillipines.Active1
    • Island Warfare - Island Warfare, a special game world featuring weather dependent inter island travel was launched on February 4, 2016.

  • HereticFlag en The Heretic World is a special world which pits players against an AI that controls player villages.Active1
    • Heretic - The Heretic World is a new variety of PvE focussed AI world with a few twists to the existing AI world mechanics was launched on October 26, 2016.